An Introduction

Some people say let the photos do the talking, and it matters not who has taken it.
We disagree strongly with this.
When working closely with someone, especially in a creative field, you should know what to expect when you consider working with them, before you first meet them.
What they like, what experiences and skills they have, at the very least what they look like.
So, let us introduce:

Micky Dunn

Micky Dunn

Micky Dunn has a unique skill set, developed over years working in inter-related industries. As the founder and owner of a successful international clothing brand, he is an experienced designer and pattern maker, creating garments for high fashion labels, unique garments for dance schools, and uniforms for many national squads in world cup events to name but a few. The graphic design elements involved, both with vectors and Photoshop, has led to an understanding and creative eye to look at things from different perspectives. Couple this with years of experience with dance, sports and fashion photography, and the scene is set for some very special images. With his long term partner Heidi, they love to travel, mostly off the beaten track, to see different cultures, usually starting with just a flight and taking it from there. Heidi and Micky train together, work together and live together. They say you can see too much of each other, but not always. Once a year they try to get to the slopes, where they do their bit to bring the ongoing feuds between skiers and snowboarders to an end.

Heidi Holdsworth

Heidi Holdsworth

Heidi is the other half of the team at Enigma. An essential and invaluable member of staff, you can always depend on Heidi to be there when needed. A busy mum of three, whose ages range from 8 to 12, it's incredible she still finds time to fit in any of the things she loves to do. The long list of activities Heidi throws herself into, include marathon running, rock climbing, skiing, and wakeboarding. Being a competing bodybuilder, Heidi's dedication and determination saw her win the IBFA Miss England title in 2016. One of her greatest passions, after her children, is to travel. With a bucket list of dream destinations, from Cambodia to Cuba, she is steadily ticking them off one by one. A trained make up artist, she styles before and adjusts during shoots. Heidi assists with lighting, staging, props and also fills in as a second shooter when needed.


Commission us to attend your event.
We will arrive and set up, and start shooting.
We can either take individual and/or team shots, including green screen for our trademark heavily processed images.


Call to arrange a shoot, and we’ll have everything ready for you.
We have a 3 way infinity cove, chromakey and white backgrounds
Based in Halifax, we’re as close to the centre of the UK as possible.


Actors, dancers, corporate.
Whatever you need, we can provide for you.
Either at the studio, or at your premises.
Email for full scope of options


Can’t make it to our studio?
We can come to you.
Just give us a comprehensive description of the available space to shoot, and we’re on our way!!
National or international – no limits.


To plan your shoot with us.
Get in touch and book with us.
We can start planning all the fine details.
So when the day comes, it will run like clockwork.


Competitively priced wall art.
From canvas to acrylic, aluminium to lightbox.
We can supply all the images just how you like.
We can even tone the print to match your decor.


Do you have a more specific price list?

No – simply because there are so many variables which could change the final price, we have a ‘starting from’ price on the packages page as a guide.

Why do your prices look expensive compared to other photography websites.

A common thing for photographers to do is to give a really cheap price for a product, eg a maternity shoot for £15.
We would rather you know the prices beforehand.

Is there an age limit for your intensive sports photos?

No – we can shoot anyone of any age doing anything.
ALL under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
ALL under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring a chaperone?

Absolutely. Anything that makes you feel more relaxed is encouraged.
However, we would advise it isn’t your partner, there only needs to be one.
They should also be happy to sit still in out of the way and watch, without too much interaction which can be very distracting.

You don’t take a photo, you make it…..

When you ask people what possessions they would rescue from their burning house, one of the most frequent answers is the photograph album or a computer with their digital images.
This impulse to save our recorded memories is a powerful force which tells us much about the role of photography in our lives and our constant desire to distil our most precious moments into images.
There is power in a picture—the power to move us. We see ourselves reflected in them, and we see the joys and the horrors human beings are capable of.
Photographs can grab our attention and speak directly to our emotions. Nick Ut’s photograph of a crying Vietnamese girl whose clothes have been burnt away by napalm embodies the power of a single image.

Today everybody has a camera, and everyone is a photographer, so do we really need to pay professionals?
The answer to this, only you can decide.
I spend a lot of our holidays taking photos, with a telephone!! These are no less treasured memories.
But I also follow a lot of photographers on social media who often produce stunningly jaw dropping images.
Here at Enigma Images, we are always trying to create more than just a photo.
It’s more than the lighting, the equipment, the studio, the full frame camera and fast lenses.
It’s also the creativity, the inspiration, the thought that goes behind every shot, and the desire to produce something so different and spectacular, that it makes everyone who sees it, pause, and under their breath say ‘wow’

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